Food Autonomy Festival #6

do 26 mei 2022 - za 28 mei 2022 , 10:00 - 22:30 uur

Hey comrades! 
We would like to invite you to the sixth Food Autonomy Festival! ✨✊🏾🧑🏽‍🌾🌻✊🏻🧑🏿‍🌾✨

🌱What? 🌱
The FAF brings activists, farmers, young academics, food-lovers -among many others who fight together for social and ecological justice- together. It is a place for everyone who is interested in the topics we are discussing, those who know about these topics already, and those who want to learn more. Collectively we will take engagement with food beyond procurement and make it a site of resistance, solidarity and autonomy. 

May 27th until 29th 

May 27, Lutkemeerpolder, farming day
May 28-29, Noordoogst (Meteorenweg 272), workshops, stalls & evening programme 

May 27, de Voorkamer, dinner & storytelling about food autonomy to open the Utrecht FAF
May 28, locations tba, cycling tour to visit vegetable gardens and farms
May 29, Grounded (Fort Lunet 1), workshops, stalls, evening program

Keep an eye on our website, squat-radar and other social media to find out more about the program, locations and workshops and take a moment to read our safer space policy!  🌱✊🏾🌻✊🏻🌱                                                                                                                                          PS Sharing is caring 😘


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