Tayfun Yalcin

Wie is Tayfun?

Living in Amsterdam, working as Permaculture Designer at Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping Company

Werk en hobbies

My passion and work is Permaculture and sustainability at


I value all living things and want to improve all their lives, human and local wildlife

De droom van Tayfun

My passion is Permaculture and my dream is my work so, I achieve my dream everyday by doing my work. In greater scale, I would like to build an Eco Village and I'm working on it. 

I also would like to make big scale regenerative landscaping design and implementations to change people's lives and regenerate the nature, where needed

Mijn expertise

Permaculture Designer

Mijn drijfveren

Designing and Creating Sustainable-Worldwide Lifestyle

Mijn droomprojecten

Designing and Creating; Economically, Ecologically and Functionally Sustainable Eco Village around Amsterdam

Designing and Creating; Drylands Transformation with Rainwater Harvesting and Foodforests, with creating local; ecological, economical and functional sustainability

Mijn mogelijkheden

1. Visionary input (outside of the book, new ideas based on creating a different lifestyle)

2. Professional input (Designing and Creating with Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping company)


Relevante ervaring

Since 2014 actively designing and creating in the Netherlands. Schools, Community gardens, Foodforests, private-rainproof gardens

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