Urban self-sufficiency : Monthly Ideas Exchange!

zondag 8 augustus 2021 , 16:00 - 18:00 uur

There can be different motivations for more self-sufficiency, like climate change, consumption tiredness the need to be more skillful when it comes to the basics of life.

During our monthly meetup on self-sufficiency, we want to get to know each other, work a bit in the Kaskantine garden, and learn from each other about different ways to be more self-sufficient in a city.

It will be an open discussion. In our first meet-up some of the areas we would like to chat about include:

- What are the reasons driving you to be more self-sufficient?
- What options have you found to be self-sufficient when living in a city?
- What are the areas that you most enjoy? And which ones are the most difficult?
- Are there areas of becoming self-sufficient you would like to learn about? Or could share one with the group?
- Did you already find a subject that you want to focus on? Or are you still experimenting and finding out which skills you want to improve?
- Do you have favorite books, podcasts, channels or places that give you inspiration or have helped you to develop your skills?

Rough agenda:

16:00 Meet at de Kaskantine Garden

16:10 Introductions and open discussion

16:45 Tea Break

17:00 Garden tour and some old school garden work

18:00 Wrap up

Everybody is welcome, from the newbies to the more experienced. There is plenty to learn and exchange with each other!

We expect everyone to follow the current Corona regulations - keep distance, hygiene, and common respect wear a mask if you want!

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