Urban self-sufficiency: Building a Green Roof

donderdag 29 juli 2021 , 10:00 - 14:00 uur

This Summer we will be building a green roof on a container and between two containers. A green roof is useful as external insulation, especially for containers. A green roof will also make the environmental impact of the Kaskantine much lower, for the climate, biodiversity, heat stress, and for being rainproof. Containers are very strong and can hold any weight of a green roof! We first have to make a wooden platform for it and we will then make it waterproof with a pond liner and put dirt on it.

We will use power tools like an electric drill and a circular saw. Well also use hand tools like a hand saw and angle grinders. We will look at some basic tips and tricks for how to make a watertight green roof.

This project will continue a few weeks, on Thursdays, but you can sign up for each working day separately

This is not a professional training course but an opportunity for you to get familiar with basic tools and directly apply techniques. You can use this workshop to make a small green roof by yourself and decide if you want to be more involved as a volunteer builder at the Kaskantine! 💪😊.

We expect everyone to follow the current Corona regulations - keep distance, hygiene, and common respect wear a mask if you want!

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