Acting on climate: What to do with the IPCC report as citizens?

zaterdag 11 september 2021 , 14:00 - 16:00 uur

We invite you to join the kick-off session of our Climate Garden group. We have a relatively open agenda, as we want to leave plenty of space to get to know one another, discuss our own experiences of climate change and climate action, what areas of interest we have, and what the motivations and ambitions of our climate garden sessions could look like.

If climate issues are relatively new to you, but you're interested in getting involved, you are also welcome to join! We'll start our conversation with a discussion of the latest IPCC report (see video below) and what it means for the type of action that will be needed to limit climate catastrophe.

The rest of the session will be left open for what is hopefully a wide-ranging discussion and brainstorming. We're not experts, and we certainly don't have the answers. What we hope to do is to bring together a group of people who are motivated and interested, and see how we can learn from each other. So please feel free to bring whatever ideas and motivations you have - hopefully we can gain inspiration from each other and find interesting ways to progress as a collective.

As an introduction to the science and a basis for our climate discussions, please watch:

"The latest IPCC report explained in 7.5 minutes"

We require everyone to follow the current Corona regulations - distance, hygiene, and common respect.

Note1: De kaskantine is still under construction we will be all the time outside in the Garden. We will postpone this meetup if heavy rain or wind is announced.

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