MoTuin Winter Medicine Chest

vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 , 14:00 - 16:30 uur

Winter Medicine Chest
14h00 - 16h30
Location: MoTuin, Tugelaweg 85
This workshop will be indoors and outdoors 

Join us to learn how to make some herbal medicine chest essentials in this practical workshop. We will craft tinctures, syrups, elixirs and more from herbs, honey, vinegar, alcohol, and sugar. Some of the herbs can be found in your kitchen, others grow as weeds in Amsterdam. You will take home a collection of simple, safe remedies to help ease you and your family through the winter. 

Bring along a small notebook and pen, and 3 little clean pots (ca. 100 ml.). Pots are also available at the location, 1 euro each.
Other materials and recipe sheets will be provided. 

Workshop will be in English, led by Lynn Shore, experienced foraging teacher and herbalist, who lives in Amsterdam Oost.

Sign up via:
12 participants max.

This activity is made possible thanks to support received from Oost Begroot.
Donations are welcome, it’s pay as you like (target price 10 euros) 

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Tugelaweg 85
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Donations are welcome, it’s pay as you like (target price 10 euros)