Kaskantine Volunteers Info Event Online

zaterdag 5 februari 2022 , 16:00 - 17:00 uur

Would you like to become a volunteer at Kaskantine?

Are you interested in what you can do locally for the climate, sustainable development, and biodiversity?

Then maybe volunteering at de Kaskantine is for you.

**About Us**

We are an off-grid experiment, we work on urban gardening, saving and redistributing food surplus, composting systems, collecting rainwater, gray filter, Aquaponics, upcycling waste, solar installations, and DIY building projects.

We organise climate and philosophical discussions online or in our garden, where we chat together about local climate solutions.

**About this event**

This online event will allow you to meet some of the people from de Kaskantine, hear more about what we do, and get an idea about the volunteer opportunities.

Everyone has different talents and abilities to make a difference. We are looking to find the best possible way to combine your skills with what is needed to create the most significant value for your time.

We will also cover:

- what is the required time commitment
- what you can potentially learn
- how we organise and plan

Register now using the form on our website - 

The event will be online!


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