A New location for the Pluk! CSA

Geplaatst op 22 juni 2022, 15:46 uur

This year the Pluk! CSA is also welcoming harvesters at a new location in the Tuinen van West: the Boterbloem organic farm. We grow veggies, herbs and edible flowers for 75 families there (our Fruittuin location grows for 120 families). The Boterbloem is an important place, as the front line of the campaign to create a Food Park on the 43 hectares of fields where the city council plans to build a distribution centre. Read more about Pluk! (we are welcoming new volunteers at both locations and still have a couple of spots left for this season) and about the exciting plans for a Food Park (please donate, every bit helps!). 

For more about Pluk! CSA info see the link below. 

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