Common Soil


What if we would learn and work together like never before to restore soil and land for the benefit of biodiversity, human health and long term food security?

Common Soil is a platform for ‘food system shapers’ aspiring to take actions to regenerate and steward abundant landscapes. The Common Soil Campus is an international learning centre for regenerative agriculture, sustainable food systems and land stewardship that aims to inspire the next generations of farmers, growers and entrepreneurs to become stewards of living soil. From the campus, Common Soil coordinates trainings and events, while working to build partnerships, campaigns and communication, that craft a story of inspiration and restoration.

Common Soil envisions a world where humanity stewards the planet’s ecosystems in a sustainable balance with the planet’s ecological boundaries. A world in which all people understand the fragile and vital “collaborativity” of living systems and live healthy, safe and prosperous lives in nature’s abundance. Through this common understanding all human actions foster ecological, social and cultural resilience and diversity.

The primary purpose of Common Soil is to regenerate land and ecosystems through ecological agricultural practices that build soil fertility and biodiversity. Through restoration, education and experimentation, Common Soil and its land-based learning centre exist to reverse the trend of land degradation and accelerate the global transition of food and farming systems towards sustainability and resilience.

Our mission is to accelerate the restoration of degraded soils, land and ecosystems through regenerative agriculture and land stewardship. Through our programs, campaigns and stories we aim to inspire people about the importance and beauty of living soil, and awaken a sense of stewardship in their daily lives. Through our campus we aim to build an example of regeneration by innovating, prototyping and implementing regenerative agro-ecological practices through education, training and action research.



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